Ethereal Death

by Strife Machine

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released September 16, 2014

All Instruments, Vocals - Null



all rights reserved


Strife Machine New Zealand

Formed in 2013.

Everything by Null

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Track Name: Tombs Into Dust
Walls unbind
And fall apart
Ceiling falls
Suffocates remains
Bones, or ashes
All gone from planet Earth.

When the dead lie unmaintained
The ravagers eat away.
Bones into powder
Tombs into dust.
Track Name: Escaped Psychosis Patient
Through the maze of suburbia
Deeper into the realm of the sane
Oppressive fog fills the streets in apparitions.

Eletroconvulsion did nothing
The mind cannot be salvaged
Suicide is now mandatory.

Lethal madness strangles the newborn
Unchained for the last time
A cut on the earth
To leave an omnipresent scar.
Track Name: Flesh Falls Into Ruin
Tearing away at flesh
Unnerving snips of skin
Falling to the floor
Drenched in blood from chest to toe.

Stolen morphine
The feeling is null
As death draws near
And a headache beckons.

Carotid artery severed
femoral, radial, ulnar...
Slice the jugular and the brain ceases.
Brain ceases...
Track Name: Life Is A Void
Embrace the bitter winds
Tasting colours
Grey undertones seek out the repressed dreams.

What is once before
Is never to be
Cries of anguish at a realization
Only through pain
Is life’s meaning engraved.

Futility incarnate.
Track Name: Ocean of Suicide (Earth As A Coffin)
Accompanying Text:

A wall was built. Not a wall of brick or stone or metal but a wall of medication. Drugs that held back the horde of whatever it was that lay on the other side. But just as castles became outdated when the cannon rolled in, so is this wall. Presenting psychosis, for the first time. Feelings of dread with no origin forever haunt the victim as their ‘wall’ collapses around them, burying hope in the rubble