Unlimited Joy

by Strife Machine

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released August 16, 2016

Null - Everything



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Strife Machine New Zealand

Formed in 2013.

Everything by Null

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Track Name: Visions
Shapes of betrayal, running through my mind
essence of the wind, lead here to die
endless droning on
wastes of wastes
eyes and eyes
shapes of betrayal
traitor and traitor

'is anything the same here?'

Go now deep away into
Caverns of life
Shaking a question
away from the dust
Always and always
Running from him
So long for so short
and misery

Sell yourself away
Sell yourself away

Track Name: Horizon
Misery images shaped by time
Relentless in their crusade, moral abattoir
Punishing the sigil of enjoyment
Striking the arteries of rationality

Your life decieves you and it eats away
Sanity brings no respite
Openly gorging on morsels of memory
Track Name: The Words From The Darkness
Something deep inside is plotting against me
Malevolent forces planning coups and revolutions
They wish to turn me into a cadaver

Whispers from my head or the walls?
Rodents and insects infect the dwelling
A stone concrete basement under an old warehouse
Here they plot my demise

Old blood stains the walls
And the bones of a vagrant lie in one corner
A noose hangs from a cold pipe
There is an eerie draft of autumn wind
Discarded razors lie nearby